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"We Don't Change What or Where You Buy . . .

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Welcome To The USA Savings Club!









What is The USA Savings Club?


The USA Savings Club is a FREE discount program that enables local families to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their purchases at hundreds of local and thousands of national merchants. Macy's, Target, Dillard's, QVC, Sears, Wall-Mart, Home Depot plus many more are included in our national program.


Additionally, The USA Saving Club program will provide thousands of dollars in donations to local schools, sports teams, charities and religious organizations.


Everytime a USA Savings Club Member makes a purchase at any of our merchants, a donation is made to a local school, sports team, charity or religious organization.





1. CLICK HERE to activate your FREE USA Savings Card! Your membership must be activated to print the merchant coupons.


2. CLICK HERE to activate your FREE link to save at Thousands of National Merchants. You even receive $5.00 for signing-up!



Please scroll down on this page for a complete explanation of our great savings and fundraising program!



Attention Schools and Churches:


We are distributing our presentation packets explaining our FREE USA Savings Club Fundraising Program. Thousands of USA Savings Cards will be donated to your school ABSOLUTELY FREE.


CLICK HERE for a complete explanation of our fundraising program.


There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to your school to raise the money for your worthwhile projects. Best of all, there is NO SELLING, EVER! We will have over 2,000 local merchants and 2,000 national chains in our program! HELP US HELP YOU with this exciting fundraising program.


Call us at (727) 485-4506 to get your FREE USA Saving Cards!



USA Savings Club Members:


We are assembling The USA Savings Club for Tampa Bay. Over the next few weeks, there will be hundreds of local merchants added. For the time being, you can save money at 2,000 on-line stores and redeem nationwide merchant coupons.

The merchants for Tampa Bay that are participating in our program are listed in our Directory. To access those merchants, go to the merchant directory tab and use the drop down box to go to your area.

We have included merchants with internet coupons from other coupon programs such as America's Favorite Coupon Book, Money Mailer, Val-Pak, Tampa Bay Newspapers and ecoupons.com. Until we have USA Savings Club discounts and coupons from those merchants, you can use them to save money.

New merchants are being added daily. Please check our merchant directory for an updated list of participating merchants.


You will receive a weekly email with a list of new merchants plus special offers from existing merchants!


Remember, each and every purchase with the USA Savings Card results in a donation to your school, church, team or organization!






oiFREE USA Savings Card and FREE access to ALL the coupons!


oi Save up to 50% at Hundreds of Your Local Merchants!


oi Save up to to 30% at over 2,000 On-line Merchants!


oi● Print Your Choice from Thousands of Great Coupons!


oi● Select Discounts from Restaurants, Delis, Dry Cleaners, Clothing

Stores, Jewelers, Fast Food, Pet Stores, Florists, Auto Repair,

oioiPizza Shops and hundreds of other local stores!



oiThe following merchants are providing rebates which are valid for ON-LINE PURCHASES ONLY on their website! The USA Savings Cards are NOT VALID at their local retail locations of these merchants. DO NOT present the USA Savings Card to these merchants.


oi Click the Mr. Rebate banner below to go the the merchant's website to receive your rebates at over 2,000 on-line merchants.


Mr. Rebates



oiOver 2,000 On-line Merchants with Rebates up to 30%: Target, Wal Mart, QVC, HSN, Gap, Bealls, Babies R Us, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, J.C. Penny, Nordstrom's, Sears, Sports Authority, Toys R Us, Kohls, K Mart, Calvin Klein, Macy's, Hallmark, Fashion Bug, Foot Locker, GiftCertificates.com, Hotels.com, Danskin, Pet Smart, Department 56, Disney, Overstock.com, Priceline, Eddie Bauer, FAO Schwartz, plus over 2,000 other great on-line stores!


oi● You can continually re-print and redeem coupons from your favorite merchants over and over again!


oi● No time to print a coupon? Just present your USA Savings Card and SAVE whenever you want!


oi● You can save $20.00, $50.00 or even $100.00 EVERY MONTH!


oi● Thousands of Coupons at Hundreds of Neighborhood Merchants!


oi CLICK HERE to browse the great money discounts and coupons!


Here's How The USA Savings Club Works:


The USA Savings Club enables your family to save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on your everyday purchases at hundreds of neighborhood merchants and restaurants.


You receive your USA Savings Card ABSOLUTELY FREE and you can print out all the USA Savings Coupons you want ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Your USA Savings Card works similar to a supermarket discount card but instead of saving money at only one store, you can save money at hundreds of local stores!


Every time you make a purchase at any of our participating merchants, a donation is made to your favorite school, religious, sports, charitable or non-profit organization.


oiThe MORE you SHOP, the MORE you SAVE, the MORE you DONATE!



Your purchases when added to the thousands of other families' purchases will raise Thousands of Dollars Every Month for schools, religious, sports, charitable and other non-profit organizations in your neighborhood!



Your 5 Steps to Fantastic Savings:


1. After activating by CLICKING HERE, you can use your USA Savings Card immediately.


2. Click the "Merchant Directory" tab above. Select the category and then the merchant where you want to shop. You can also see all of our merchants by clicking the "View All Merchants" link. Each merchant has their own webpage with complete information, pictures, menu, discount and coupons.


3. Check out the merchant's card discount or print out the merchant's coupons.


4. Take your USA Savings Card or Coupon to the merchant. Purchase their products or services. You will receive the discount listed on their webpage or printed on the coupon.


5. Use your FREE USA Savings Card and Coupons over and over again to purchase anything you want at any of our hundreds of local merchants.



How Much Money Can You Save with The USA Savings Club?


Here is an estimate of the monthly savings for the average family with The USA Savings Club:











Dry Cleaning


Car Washes




Ice Cream


Hair Care


Pet Supplies








Auto Repair








Your Monthly Savings:oooooo



That's what happens when you

use The USA Savings Card!


You Save $107.00 EVERY Month!




Perfect Fundraising Program!


Local schools, religious, sports, charitable and other non-profit organizations can raise thousands of dollars every month by giving away a FREE product.

CLICK HERE for details on our Fundraising Program!


Refer Your Favorite Merchants!


Recommend your favorite local merchants to participate in our program. That way you and all your friends and neighbors can save hundreds of additional dollars every year because the merchants you patronize each and every week are participating in the USA Savings Club. The Merchant receives FREE Advertising in our program.

CLICK HERE for details on our Merchant Program!


Our Pledge!


We will always keep our program simple and straightforward. We will be open and honest with information concerning any part of our program. We welcome any suggestions you may have.


The Bottom Line!


The USA Savings Club is a co-operative effort of members, fundraisers, merchants and our company to make our lives better and better every day. Feel free to email or call us personally at any time with your questions or comments at (727) 485-4506.